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Tonga Ride in Agra

On your Agra tour, you just cannot afford to miss out on a Tonga ride in Agra. It is, in fact, the most feasible and reasonable mode of transport and a veritable source of fun.

On your arrival in Agra, you will find numerous Tonga wallahs lined up to take you on a tour of Agra in their Tonga. Vivacious, amusing young men, who are more than willing to help tourists, these Tonga wallahs will do their best in making you feel at ease.

The horses of the Tonga are equally colorful and active. A Tonga ride in Agra is sheer fun and frolic all through. The biggest tourist draw in Agra is the Taj Mahal. Hence, most Agra Tonga rides will take you to the most beautiful monument in the world.

The charges of a ride on Tonga are quite minimal and reasonable. Nevertheless, tourists should try and be aware of these rates beforehand, lest they feel cheated later.

Most of the Tongas are covered and give you the feeling of being a royal guest. Slowly and steadily, you will be taken through your Agra tour. You can visit the other tourist attractions of Agra on the same Tonga.

Many times, these Tonga rides end up as guided tours of the city. The talkative young men ensure you are comfortable and they are on their toes to adhere to your requests.

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