Taj Mahal Tour

Duration : Same Day (Daily Except Friday)
Destination : Taj Mahal and Agra Fort


It is said about Taj Mahal that if the goddess of beauty wants to take an incarnation to appear on the earth, she would surely choose Taj Mahal. This is enough to explain the beauty of Taj which is beyond explanation. Millions of tourists every single year come to India to visit this monument, which has become a Symbol of Love and a synonym for India. So we present you a Taj Mahal Tour in which you will be able to explore the majestic beauty of this majestic monument without spending much time.

06:30 Hours – Leave for Agra:

Our representative will pick you from your hotel from where you will leave for Agra. The 210km distance would be covered in less than 3.5 hours, so you will reach Agra by 11:00.

11:00 Hours – Visit Taj Mahal:

Head straight to the Taj Mahal, the monument which has won almost every heart in the world. It was Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who when saw his wife dying ordered 22,000 people to construct something that can match with the beauty of the queen, and so the first stone of Taj Mahal was led. After working for 25 straight years, the white beauty came into existence which we know as Taj Mahal. Located on the banks of River Yamuna, Taj Mahal stands tall to speak about the immortal love of the emperor and immortal love of everyone visiting here.

13:30 Hours – Lunch:

Enter a lavish restaurant to enjoy delicious lunch. You will also be provided with some time of leisure after the busy schedule.

14:30 Hours – Agra Fort:

Continue with your mission – to explore Agra. Next destination in the list is Agra Fort, a stunning fort located very close to Taj Mahal. The fort was constructed by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1566 to establish his capital in Agra. Today, the fort serves as a museum housing the belongings of Mughal rulers.

15:30 Hours – Agra Sightseeing:

You have some time in your hand which you may invest in exploring the local attractions of Agra. The city is quite famous for its quality handicrafts and sweets. Collect some souvenirs to take home.

16:30 Hours – Depart for Delhi:

Drive for Delhi. You will reach the capital city at 23:00 hours. Our representative will drop you at the airport or your hotel. The Taj Mahal Tour ends here.

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